We’ve been over this before.

And now another school district wants to waste taxpayer money in a lawsuit they’ll lose.  The Brunswick County School Board has set out to add themselves to a long list of lost court cases starting all the way back in 1987 and including Dover.  It just seems foolish to me that trying to improve the oldest planetarium in the western hemisphere and one of the leading science facilities in the nation (in a nation that has a serious problem with its scientific education) is considered foolish and yet it’s perfectly okay to flat out waste taxpayer money on a case that’s going to be lost in an attempt to teach children absolute bullshit.

But at least in happier news, though he may be a muslim extremist, at least somebody agrees with me that Disney is a major threat to our society.  Though, I think Mickey is a bit down on the list of Disney characters that need to be shot. I think most of the people on the Disney Network as well as the entire cast of High School Musical come to mind. Besides, it’s not like it’s going to scar the children. As Kathleen Madigan proved Disney already has children cheering for death.

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