This Week In Stupid

This was the first week of classes and you’d be surprised at the standards of higher education.   In one class the professor lectured for twenty minutes on how to read a book.  I thought we had covered this skill in kindergarten, but perhaps I might be wrong.   I’ve also been privy to having the eight planets and their order taught to me.  Granted Pluto was still in the mix back in my day, but I do remember having covered this before I got out of grade school.  Now, if when asked where Mount Everest is located you answered “Nepal,” “Asia,” or even “The northern part of India” you’d have outsmarted a group of college students whom named every continent besides Antarctica and the one Mount Everest is on.

I also thought, being the Friday before a three day weekend, that perhaps I’d make it out of this last day of class without hearing anything else stupid. I was wrong. I was told that intelligent design has merits.  I have yet to think of what any of those merits are, but I was assured they exist.  Then there was the icing on this week in stupid. McCain picks Mrs. Whoever the Hell She Is as his VP.

It’s kind of like a hail mary pass when you don’t even have a wide reciever on the field.  It’s an insult to women.  I can’t think of any other qualification she has that makes her a good choice.  She’s radically anti-choice. She’s in bed with the oil companies. She spent more money on a non-binding resolution against giving benifits to gay parteners than it would have cost to have given those benifits. She called Clinton a “whiner.”  Luckily the democrats will intercept the pass, fumble the ball, and then manage to still get a penatly called on them. So I’m guessing the only reason she’s really there is because she’s supposedly going to get all those dissalusioned Clinton voters who are apparently stupid enough to vote McCain just because he’s got a set of tits on his ticket.  I thought women were smart enough to actually look at issues, but then again, this is the republican party we’re talking about.  A party with a massive voting block that believe women are for making sandwiches.

And it’s not historic that the Republicans have a women candidate on the ticket (well for them I guess it is), it’s at least thirty years too late. The communist had a women candidate for president in 68.  In 79 the Social Democrats had a female candidate.  Workers World Party in 80. Peace and Freedom Party 80. Citizen’s Party 84.  Geraldine Ferraro was the Dem’s VP in 84.  88 and 92 saw the American New Alliance Party fielding a black woman. In 88 the socialists put up a woman. They put up another in 92 and 96.  96 was the first year the Republicans had women in number seeking the nomination versus a long tradition of women running for the Democratic nomination.  It also saw a number of women running as the candidate for other parties.  The green party is even putting up a women.

Palin isn’t making history, she’s part of a continued fucking joke that America is the most freest and least bigoted country in the world.  If we’re talking history here than how about we recognize the literarly hundreds of women in hundreds of parties that actually ran for president in the last half century.  We may call the communists and socialists a force of evil, but at least they didn’t have a problem putting a woman up as a candidate.

So good job McCain, you put a woman on a ticket, not because she was a good choice, but because she was a woman. I’m sure feminists everywhere will hail this as a major achievement for women everywhere.  They’ve finally reached the point where they can be exploited for political gain in a presidential election.  I’m sure they’ll be throwing parades and parties everywhere.

Oh, did I mention McCain has only met Palin once?

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