Eating the Bible; now a logical alternative to meat.

    From Luke 4:4 (And Matthew 4:4) we have “That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God” (KJV).  First we have “that man shall not live by bread alone.” From this we’ll take that “man can live by just bread.” We’ll label this proposition A.  Second we have that “Man can live by every word of God.”  We’ll label this proposition B.   Finally, we have a proposition that man lives, labeled C.
This gives us a set up of If C then A or B (C -> A v B ).  Since the man lives we have C and by Modus ponens we have A or B (A v B). However, Luke 4:4 negates A. Thus we have (A’ v B).  By Disjunctive syllogism we get B.

The next premise comes from our lovely Christians who state that the bible is the word of God.  We’ll make this proposition D.   And while we’re at it, lets make “eat the bible” proposition E.  This leaves us with if B and D then E (B ^ D -> E).

To recap, our propositions:

A:  Man can live by just bread

B:  Man can live by every word of God

C:  Man lives

D: Bible is the word of God.

E: Eat the Bible.

Now, the conclusion.

  1. C                      Hypothesis
  2. C -> (A v B)   Hypothesis
  3. A’                     Hypothesis
  4. A v B               1,2 Modus ponens
  5. B                      3,4 Disjunctive syllogism
  6. D                      Hypothesis
  7. (B ^ D) -> E   Hypothesis
  8. E                      5,6,7 Modus ponens

As you can see, it is logical for us to eat the bible.  Now some of you may find the Bible to be a little bland for your taste.  Me, personally, I’d like to suggest putting slices of bacon in between the pages.  However, if you have your favorite recipes for the Bible please feel free to share them with everyone else.

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