In Support of Anonymous


Even my computer recognizes the dangerous threat of Scientology on this planet. I’m glad to see Anonymous take up arms against a worthy target. I’ve hated this cult ever since I passed by one of their brainwashing facilities many years ago, promptly looked it up on the Internet, and realized what a batshit insane group of people Scientology is.

While the denial of service attacks are a nice touch, especially in regards to getting media attention, there is a more pressing problem. Actually taking down a vast financial institution. If you’ll allow me to weigh in, the goal is to find every legal method available to getting the Church of Scientology (here to referred as batshit crazy people.).

First, they don’t know who you are. You can walk in, take a free test. They certainly start you out at the free level. Sort of like PBS except for, at the three hundred dollar level, you get brainwashing instead of a useful tote bag. If they’ll give it to you free, take it. Also, recycle it later, no reason we can’t be nice to the environment. They have to pay for that material to be printed. The more you get, the more wasted printing costs. And while you’re there, why not go in for help with OCD? It certainly will excuse your need to flush their toilets multiple times and wash your hands a lot. The point is, if you can get it free from the batshit crazy people, get it.

Next, they’re already a paranoid organization. Why not help them along a little? Revenue for these batshit crazy people depends upon recruiting new marks to hose. How effective is recruiting going to be when they’re afraid that every person who walks through that door is actually a member of Anonymous? After the freebies run out, walk out, and make sure they know they’ve been had. Nothing destructive, nothing fancy, perhaps a few smart ass remarks. The early stages of recruitment depend a lot on their ability to look legit. It leaves a gaping vulnerability that can be exploited. The end goal is to make their recruitment a pain in the ass and hopefully force them to change methods that will cause actual potential recruits to be scared off.

Along with that, the more presence that can be kept outside their establishments the better. I’d imagine there’s a lot less people who would join the batshit crazy people if another group of people were outside letting them know just what the batshit crazy people are up to.

However, the biggest strength we have is that we are the people. If Congress can waste their time investigating baseball for steroids then they certainly have time to investigate the batshit crazy people for their actions leading to the death of their members, their mafia style organization, their attacks on free speech, their infiltration of the government to subvert the democratic process, and the harm they do to their members. The evidence is everywhere on the Internet, make sure the evidence is everywhere in your representative’s inbox. And since you’ve already gathered all the lovely evidence, it isn’t a stretch to conviently send it to the news media. Nothing makes a sensational news story like an investigation as to why nothing has been done despite the attempts of the batshit crazy people to infiltrate the government.

Most importantly, do not forgive, do not forget. They should expect you, until they are no longer around to expect.

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