The Binding of Isaac – Kill Mom Chronicles – #9

Fuck you cat. Also, this series is becoming a irregular one off video as overplaying rogue likes turns me into an angry monster.

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Myst – #6 – Investigator Steve Gets Mad

Investigator Steve has a problem, and that problem is a terribly designed rotational fortress. Seriously, who would make this?

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Fiction Friday

That nobody had thought to interview James White over his role in the Somerset Incident had struck Kevin as a large oversight. Kevin was fresh out of journalism school and this was, by his definition, a major get, though most of his contemporaries thought it a lost cause. Plenty of books had been written on the accident and excoriated most everybody involved, even the president, who in reality had nothing at all to do with it. Routine missile maintenance was hardly under the purview of executive oversight. Kevin, however, had poured over all the details religiously, convinced there was more to the story, and, tucked away in a congressional report, was the admission that the blame lay squarely on the shoulders of one James White, an incompetent technician who caused the whole thing. That he had quietly been left out of the blame was rather the result of the unseemly nature of continuing the pass the blame down the ranks. James got off, Kevin concluded, because, unlike the adage, there wasn’t blame enough to go around and it would have been unseemly to pin it on an enlisted man who volunteered to serve his country.

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