Myst – #3 – A Fistful of Clues

Investigator Steve finds a bunch of clues in a dingy old tower that rotates for absolutely no real reason other than to give clues, which seems like a terrible design.

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Fiction Friday

I was going to type a snarky reply, but I got distracted by a squirrel outside my window. He has a long tail and it’s curved over at the end. He’s munching some small berry thing. I feel sorry for him as it is cold and windy out. Marty would want to be┬áhis friend, but Marty is sleeping. The squirrel is still there, sitting in the nook of the tree. He just used his tail as a napkin. Why did humanity never domesticate squirrels? They’re a bit like tree dogs. He has now scampered down the tree and across the yard. This concludes my–son of a, a small black and white bird has perched where the squirrel was. It’s okay, it’s gone now–report on the activities of the squirrel outside my window.

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Fallout New Vegas – #12 – Ranger Danger

Abby heads on up to the station in order to get a pardon only to discover it’s too expensive for her tastes. She agrees to go kill some critters instead.

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